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The fight against drug addiction has to be an aggressive one if you intend to beat it. Just admitting that you have a problem isn’t enough. Just stopping isn’t enough. You have to be able to attack it from all angles so that it is dealt with properly. We use a strategy at Emerald Behavioral drug rehab centers that helps our clients tackle these issues from multiple angles while tailoring each program to the client’s individual needs. Our system at our drug rehab center in Mobile, Alabama is strategic, and it works like this:

Phase 1: Detoxification

Detoxification is the first part of the process, and it happens inside of our Mobile drug detox clinic. We make sure you rid yourself of the drugs you have become accustomed to it so your body will eventually return to stability. This is an uncomfortable process. You will go through withdrawal symptoms, but our experts will monitor you and make sure that you have support and encouragement. When you finally get through it, you’ll be stronger for the next phase at our Mobile substance abuse treatment facility.

Phase 2: Long-term Treatment

Addiction needs to be tackled comprehensively with long-term treatments. The therapists who are on board at our drug rehab facility in Mobile can work with you so you can learn more about your addiction. You can learn where it came from, why it entered your life and what sorts of triggers make you want to take drugs once again. You could have experienced some severe trauma, and you could suffer from a condition like PTSD. Another ailment may be re prevalent. In that case, you will need dual diagnosis treatment. Specialists at our addiction recovery center in Mobile can help you stabilize both conditions so that you have a chance to overcome this and live a happy life.

Phase 3: Group Therapy

Group counseling sessions will provide you with strength and motivation, insight, and friendship because you will be surrounded by a group of people who can empathize with you. You can work together to keep each other strong during low points and work towards healing your addiction. The friends you meet here may last a lifetime.

Phase 4: Holistic Methods

The next part of the process is getting your mind, body, and soul stronger inside our Mobile addiction recovery facility. The activities in the addiction recovery program can help you do that. You will have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities like music, arts, painting, fitness classes, meditation sessions and more. The logic of offering additional services with the recovery treatment. You may find yourself so involved with your work that you will not pay any mind to thoughts of drug use that discourage progress.

Phase 5: Aftercare

After you leave the Mobile addiction treatment center, the temptation will get worse. For that reason, we believe in helping you long after you say goodbye to the addiction treatment facility in Mobile. We believe in providing you with consistent support long after you are gone. If recovery is a lifelong process, then support should be as well. You’ll have someone to talk to if you get an urge or if something in your life goes awry.

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