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Clients come to us every day for addiction recovery. At Emerald Behavioral, we take pride in not being like other drug rehab centers. Instead, we provide a safe and caring atmosphere that focuses on the individual needs of the client.

Individual People, Individual Approaches

Finding a substance abuse treatment facility is often complicated. There are a lot of different therapies and concepts used to help a person overcome an addiction. However, we believe in treating everyone like the individuals they are.

Not one get addicted to the same substance, used for it for the same amount of time, and has the same genetics. It would be irrational for us to have everyone go through the same program. We take an individualized approach to cater to the needs of the client.

We also offer a dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This is one of the ways that we stand out with our drug rehab facility in Indio, California. It allows us to treat the addiction as well as any underlying problems that may have caused a person to turn to the substance to begin with.

With everyone receiving a unique approach to their addiction, it makes it easier to learn about them. It also ensures that we’re able to deliver assistance that makes a difference. We want each of our clients to go on to lead healthier, happier lives. By offering a program that fits them and their needs, we’re able to accomplish this at our Indio addiction recovery center.

The Importance of Group Therapy

At Emerald Recovery, we are not just a drug detox clinic. We take a full approach to care for a client, including the use of detox, therapy, and various forms of aftercare. One of the forms of therapy that we use is a group method. This allows us to create a sense of community inside our Indio addiction treatment center.

We have found that most people can’t to do this alone. However, they feel isolated, as though they are alone and that no one understands what they are going through. By introducing a client to a group atmosphere, they hear the stories of others who are going through an addiction. As a result, clients form a kinship. In many instances, these turn into lifelong relationships.

It is of the utmost importance that people find others that they can connect with. The extended support group often continues outside of the addiction recovery center. It is what people lean on when times get tough. The support of the people that they met inside the center will be the ones that ultimately help with relapse prevention.

The Right Addiction Recovery Program

Recovery is not something many people can do on their own. It requires the will to want to overcome addiction. It also means being able to get the help that is tailored to the individual client. This also includes offering plenty of aftercare options so a person continues to obtain the needed support.

It’s important to find the right addiction recovery facility. Clients should feel instantly comfortable with the environment as it will make it easier to absorb the information that is being presented throughout the time in the program.

If you are interested in a consultation at an Emerald Behavioral addiction treatment facility for you or a loved one, contact us to schedule an appointment. We work hard to provide a safe facility with caring personnel. It’s another reason that we have become one of the top addiction treatment centers in Indio, California.

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